The Turkish automotive sector was one ot the key factors in the development of the national economy from the late 60´s to the early the 70´s, when Renault and Fiat made the first investment in the country. This event favored the development of a subsidiary industry that grew year by year, in order to supply both companies with components manufactured locally. The existance of these suppliers, together with the stability of the country, encouraged other foreign OEM´s and parts manufacturers, focusing mainly in the Marmara region. Well known international companies such as Bosch, Pirelli and Valeo have invested gradually in Turkey. Apart from these major manufacturers, a vast range of automotive components suppliers has also been developed. These firms not only supply OEM´s but also small and medium sized enterprises, such as bus and minibus coach-builders, and also the important repairs sector – thanks to the high average age (10 years) of the Turkish vehicle fleet. All these sectors present Turkey as an important reference and key point in the world automotive industry.

Turkey’s total automotive industry production reached new highs in 2016, rolling out 1.49 million vehicles with an increase of 9 percent compared to 2015. According to the datas from Automotive Manufacturers Association of Turkey, the production, export and sales numbers are reached its highest in 2016. %77 of the automobile produced were exported last year. Comparing to 2015, the automobile production is increased with a rate of %20, to 951,000 vehicles. The export number is increased %15 in 2016.



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