Automotive Sector In Spain

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Spain is the 2nd largest automaker in Europe and 12th worldwide.

Spain is the 1st industrial vehicles European manufacturer.

The first automotive brands are established in Spain.

There are 17 manufacturing plants installed in Spain, belonging to 10 different manufacturers.

89% of the vehicles made in Spain are exported to over 130 countries.

5 million vehicles are transported each year by Spain.

The weight of this sector (including components industry) within the Spanish economy, accounting for over 6% of the GDP.

Most car production plants in Spain are specialized in mid-range or small vehicles, being Spain one of the European leaders in this so competitive segment.

On January 2, the automobile manufacturers association of Spain (ANFAC) announced that passenger car registrations of 105,853 units in December 2019 represented an increase of 6.6% over December 2018.

Full-year sales of 1,258,260 units in 2019 represent a 4.8% decrease over 2018.

In the month of December, SEAT sales increased 33.1% to 8,819 units, Volkswagen brand sales increased 2.4% to 8,590 units, Peugeot decreased 0.6% to 8,354 units, Hyundai decreased 2.3% to 6,102 units, and Renault decreased 11.5% to 6,090 units.

The best-selling cars in December 2019, in order of popularity, were the SEAT Leon, Dacia Sandero, SEAT Ibiza, Ford Kuga and Nissan Qashqai.

Of all vehicles sold in December, gasoline vehicles had a 57.7% market share, diesel vehicles had a 29.1% share and other vehicles had a 13.1% share.

Private car sales in December decreased 6.9% to 50,137 units, business sales increased 14.3% to 39,423 units and rental car sales increased 48.7% to 16,293 units.

Production of vehicles manufactured in Spain grew by 21.2% during the month of December, with a total of 177,427 vehicles. This growth closes the year in positive, recording growth of 0.1% with a total of 2,822,360 units manufactured in 2019.

This growth closes the year in positive, recording growth of 0.1% with a total of 2,822,360 units manufactured in 2019.  This figure is mainly the result of the good performance demonstrated by the new models and versions of light commercial vehicles that were assigned during 2018 and 2019. This segment has the highest growth rate, 12.3%, than with heavy industrial vehicles (7.7%) offset falls in other production segments.

The manufacture of passenger cars, a segment that represents the bulk of the vehicles that are manufactured in Spain, has closed the year with a total of 2,209,497 vehicles, which represents a slight decrease of 0.3%, a figure that, despite being negative, shows a much stronger behavior steady than those shown by passenger car production in Germany (-9.0%), the United Kingdom (-14.4% until November) and Italy.

Although sales in Spain have shown one of the biggest setbacks in the European market, the production of passenger cars in our country has remained close to last year’s, demonstrating the confidence that vehicle manufacturers have in the fabric Spanish automotive industrial, assigning commercially successful vehicles to our factories, and the good reception of these models in European markets, which have substantially increased purchases.

By 2020, the forecast points to moderate growth, closing with a figure close to three million vehicles, thanks to new awards of models and versions announced during the past year.