Project Development

Conexio Consulting directs and develops the projects commercial or investment on the spot, with staff with extensive experience in project management in the countries in which it operates.

Export Groups:

  • Creation of groups of export
  • Helping in the organization of the export to the countries where we operate
  • A group of companies with complementary products can share a commercial agent or seller, saving money and increasing the sinergies and sales.
  • The advantages of export group are its low cost and intense exposure to the market
  • Conexio Consulting is responsible for operational management
Conexio Consulting manages distribution Networks:

  • Local management of the distribution network
  • Commercial visits to customers
  • Preparing offers, receiving orders
  • Management and implementation of policies for prices and discounts
  • Conexio will become your business agent in the country
Control of production / factory:

  • Our team of engineers will take care of the local monitoring production
  • Maintain constant contact with the factory
  • Informing of the status of your order
  • Take care of that production conforms to the agreed parameters of quality, low cost and delivery times
Conexio Consulting offers services of central purchasing:

  • The markets where Conexio operates are becoming the attractive destination for outsourcing
  • Sectors with biggest growth: automotive, construction and textile materials
  • Conexio offers shopping at available prices with reduced delivery times
  • We create and maintain your buying office to ensure the best supply chain for your business
Studies of provisioning:

  • Conexio operates in countries that have great advantages in the area of procurement of raw materials and compononentes
  • The markets where we are present have advantages because of its geographical location and its large industrial base
  • We put at your service the knowledge of the local industry
  • We have experience to facilitate the supply of materials to your firm
Investment orders:

  • Conexio is provided with a long experience in international investments
  • We have operated in multinationals of different countries during the investment processes
  • Conexio manages to minimize the risk in your deal
  • The multidisciplinary team includes engineers, economists and lawyers
Investment opportunities:

  • If you are looking for an investment opportunity, Conexio can help you
  • We offer you investment services in various sectors
  • We can help you find an opportunity with a high level of return in different sectors of the countries where we have activity
  • We offer you our services and relations with banks, family funds, law firms and investment funds
Commercial, industrial or economic due diligence with the perspective to realize an acquisition, merger, joint venture, capture of participation, etc.
Commercial DD, between others:

  • Systematical and detailed review of the structure
  • Function of the Commercial Network
  • Commercial processes of a firm
  • Industrial DD, between others:
  • Analysis of the industrial facilities
  • Productive processes
  • Chain of supply of a business

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