Spain is the 13th largest economy by nominal GDP and 29th by GDP per capita PPP with $ 30.058 per year. According to the “World Investment Report 2011”, Spain is the 7th receptor of Foreign Direct Investment. Spain’s main attraction is not only its domestic market, but also the countries with strong economic relations with Spain: Europe, North Africa and Latin America. As a result, Spain becomes a gateway to these countries. Spain has 46 million inhabitants and an area of ​​504,645 km2, being the second largest country in the European Union.

Traditionally, Spain has been an agricultural country and nowadays is still one of the largest producers of western Europe, but since the 50s industry and service sectors have become more important. Currently, service sector represents 69.03 % of GDP, industry 16.88%, construction 11.46 and agriculture 2.63 %.

Due to the rapid growth in international trade and foreign investment, Spain has become one of the most internationalized countries. According to goods trade, Spain is the 18th exporter and 14th largest importer in the world, while according to services trade Spain is the 8th exporter and 14th largest importer.


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